I wanted to rework this previous photo I had done to give it a more realistic touch. Hope you don't get bored!
Chilehaus in Hamburg, Germany
Built between 1927 and 1943 (yes, finished during the WW2) this is one of the landmark office buildings in the Hamburger Kontorhausviertel. The architects who started the building - Hans and Oskar Gerson were not allowed to finish the building because of their Jewish heritage. Frot höger who also built the Chilehaus finished the building in close cooperation with the Gersons.
The view from the bridge of Uliza Maxima Bagdanovitsa. As your most likely have noticed during the series Minsk has developed (and is developing by the hour) into a very modern city with an aspiring youg generation.
The old Prague castle and Charles Bridge at night. The castle is not only very large but has also been the place for a number of important historical incidents.
Europa Center Hamburg
Berlin Cathedral at night & fog
Tower Bridge in einer Winternacht
Malerisch, romantisch und vor allem nicht so überlaufen wie Venedig

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